Why Us

We deliver cost effective energy

With over 20 years of combined experience, Consumer Energy Partners has established itself as a leader in deregulated energy needs. Our client based and results driven approach has allowed us to service thousands of clients while never losing focus of how much we value each and every client. In competitive energy markets, businesses have an attractive opportunity to gain control over and lower energy costs through choosing their energy suppliers. The concept of energy supply procurement sounds simple enough, but getting the best price and a contract that matches your budget and risk-tolerance can be a complex, time-consuming challenge. Most businesses find it essential to have a partner working with them on procurement services every step of the way.


Critical to any energy risk management and procurement effort is a comprehensive strategic assessment and plan. The business manager needs to understand the factors and risks that affect the procurement decision, the service options and financial outcomes. Consumer Energy Partners addresses this issue with its Strategic Energy Risk Management Services. After obtaining an understanding of the client’s risk tolerance and energy related financial and hedge objectives, the analysis will include: Summary of the client’s existing energy usage, spend, contracts and exposure, including an interval data analysis and historical market data.